Four Songs

by Bridge Underwater

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released 01 January 2008



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Track Name: More Tools
The ants are fine.
My eyes are open.
The moon is bright.
My mind’s unbroken.

My love is clear
When you are near me.
My eyes don’t work
Because of TV.

The family’s fine,
But where is brother?
Keep your eyes
Fixed on mother.
Track Name: New Age Love Song
I think that
You and I can be friends.
I think that
You can write my favorite song.

The one about
The little boy and girl
Who love each other
And love the world.

It’s called Love.
Love, sweet Love.

Once I was broken,
But your love repaired me.
It warmed me within,
And I thank you again and again.

Your face, like a cloud,
Is a dream that goes floating
Through my mind each second.
Your beauty, it takes me far away.

Your green eyes
Are like mountains,
So large and unsurpassable
In their beauty.
It’s frightening.
It’s unreal.

I’m losing the words
To describe all my feelings.
My language is broken
I’m dreaming of your love.

Your love.
Track Name: The Sound of the Fury
If modern man can’t stand
To finish the final act,
Then what reason is there
To follow through?

The hope that Jesus holds
For the hopeless doesn’t mean a thing.
What’s the use of having him around
When he cannot speak his mind?

She’s seen the beginning.
She’s sees the end.
She’s gonna be there
To clean it all up

When it comes we all get
What we deserve
Even if we have to take it
From the ones that hurt.

My shadow.

Time keeps ticking.
Keeps laughing at me.

It makes me want to fall
To meet my shadow.